The 1847, Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

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With the success of the Meigs Gold Lager, we have decided to add another lager to our line up. The initial batch of 1847 Lager was produced on November 20, 2016 and is currently in the primary fermenter, where it will stay until December 18, 2016. The 1847 is a pre-prohibition style lager that is based on several months of research and trial batches. It will have a higher ABV (5.7%) and more flavor than the Meigs Gold, but still the same smoothness and drinkability. We use a 6-row base malt and corn as fermentables and a blend of Cluster and Tettnanger hops to provide for a little more bitterness than is typical of a mainstream lager, but perfect for a pre-prohibition style beer. The 1847 lager should be on tap around the weekend of January 13, 2017.