Our Brews

Pawpaw Patch Cream Ale 
Seasonal cream ale made with locally harvested pawpaws. Refreshing, smooth and light. Subtle undertones of banana, mango and other tropical fruit easily transitions into a delicately dry finish. 5.3% abv

Maple Lawn Ale
The straw-colored pour and delicate mango and passion fruit aromas hint at the delicious sip yet to come: dry, sweet peach and cool lemon grass hover over white bread malt before sliding into an easy, just-bitter finish. Be the cock of the walk with this highly drinkable ale from Maple Lawn Brewery. 5.8% abv

Pink Panty Strawberry Ale
Sweet, full-bodied and brewed with a slight kiss of fresh Meigs County strawberries, this light ale is perfect for those who like to live dangerously! Delicate aromas of earth and spice arouse the senses while hints of pepper and fruit tempt the taste buds. A devilishly delectable pour that is exceptional any time of year. 5.7% abv

Big Bend Brown
A full-bodied English-Style Brown Ale that is absolutely scrummy! Inviting scents of home-baked bread and roasted almonds wafts off the pour before caramel and toffee notes emerge a beat later. The sip is well rounded and highlighted by a warm nuttiness and toasty malt sweetness. God Save the Queen! 5.4% abv

Meigs Gold
Liquid Gold in a glass.  4.4% abv

Sugar Run Stout
Familiar aromas of oatmeal and black coffee are the cornerstone of Maple Lawn’s version of the traditional Oatmeal Stout. Poured through a nitrogen tap, which adds to the thick mouth feel and creamy, full-bodied texture, this beer is dark and rich with a sweet roasted malt flavor and fluffy tan head. Subtle notes of chocolate and espresso hide in the sip while complex layers of oatmeal and caramel present in the swallow. A nice, well-built brew: tasty, smooth, and extremely drinkable. 5.5% abv

Court St. Wheat
A refreshing American-style wheat beer that evokes bygone days of summertime bliss. Gold in color with a frothy white head, this well balanced beer is unobtrusive to the palate. Easy drinking with ever-so-subtle flower and spice fragrances. Notes of citrus and malt abound while rounding out with a crisp, clean finish. A great transition beer for the new craft beer enthusiast. 5.5% abv

Hanky Panky IPA
Named for Maple Lawn’s Brewmaster, Hank Cleland, this light-bodied India Pale Ale (IPA) is a mischievous blend of tart citrus, sticky pine resin and ripened juniper berries, all rounded out with a clean, grassy aroma and intense earthy character in the finish. Light copper in appearance with a strong malt presence that nicely balances the intensity of the floral hops. This is definitely one of the best summer-drinking IPAs being made in the South today. 6.2% abv.

Chief Cornstalk Colsch
Unique to Maple Lawn Brewery, this beer is inspired by local Shawnee leader Chief Cornstalk, who was rumored to have enjoyed a similar intoxicant while sitting around the evening campfire. Highlighted by its sun-bleached straw color and light malt characteristics, this brew is smooth, crisp and extremely clean. Aromas of fruit and pepper float from the pour while undertones of subtle sweetness can be found in the sip. A light smokiness in the swallow transitions nicely into a delicately dry and fruity finish. Easy drinking, the perfect summertime thirst quencher! 5.9% abv

Buffington Island Pale Ale
A blend of centennal and cascade hops with a touch of citra producing a crisp, floral finish. 5.9% abv